The commitment to quality is reinforced by the ISO certification granted to Maxell Industries in 2007

Maxell abides by the laws and have a dedicated approach to fulfill the Health and safety standards laid out for the industry.

The Management and the staff of Maxell Industries L.L.C. are committed to provide our valued customers with quality products and services. With a focused objective of Customer Satisfaction and commitment of continuous development, we strive to improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

We work in compliance to the local regulatory and statutory requirements.

All materials are subject to tests and inspections by a series of people involving the Floor Supervisor and Foreman. They are witnessed and stamped by Production Engineers and then approved by Production Manager.

Our customers are always welcome to visit our premises to witness the same.

Safety Policy

Some of our policies include the following:

  • Quality policy is a statement from our management that we believe is closely linked to the business process and finally meets our customer needs.
  • Quality Standards are understood and followed at all levels and by all employees. Every employee is given measurable objectives to achieve.
  • The quality system is based on recorded data and the system is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness.
  • Our records depict how and where the raw materials are processed till the final stage of the product thereby help in tracing out the problems if any in the production line.
  • Updated procedures and documentation provides us with better control on quality.
  • Infrastructure, resources, information, equipment, measuring and monitoring devices, environmental conditions are suitably provided to maintain the quality system.
  • All key processes in the company are controlled by monitoring, measuring and analysis.
  • All monitoring and measuring devices are properly maintained and calibrated.
  • Periodic upkeep and maintenance of machineries are done so as to smoothen the production processes without hindrance. Proper communication systems are established so as to meet the customers exact requirement at every stage.
  • Logging of correspondence with customers about product information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback and complaints are accurately maintained.
  • Maxell products are periodically been subjected to required tests by national and internationally recommended third parties.
  • Maxell does constant testing and documentation for the products to meet design requirements, regulatory requirements and user needs.
  • We regularly review performance through internal audits and meetings.
  • Customer service and satisfaction is taken into account at all levels of production for a committed and qualitative end product.