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Duct Heaters


Duct Heater - Rule of Thumb for designers to calculate heater KWs Duct heaters are the part of your HVAC that preheats the air before it is being distributed to the rooms of your property. In most cases, duct heaters are electric. Passing an electric current through resistance (coils) [...]

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Maxell link


FCU Link FCU link is a set of valves, connectors, and unions (accessories) that are specifically designed to connect the Fan coil unit to the chilled/hot water piping networks. Maxell FCU links: Flexible and compact design solutions (optimum space utilization); Low chance [...]

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Thank you for Visiting Our Stand!


Stand: 3E-147, Venue: World trade Centre, Date: 23- 26 November 2015 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all for visiting our stand 3E-147 at this year’s Big 5 show. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand. The exhibition was [...]

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DUBAI – Maxell Industries is showing its presence in the BIG 5 show 2015!!


DUBAI - Maxell Industries is showing its presence in the BIG 5 show 2015!! It is a pleasure to announce that we are participating in the Big5 Exhibition @ DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER on 23-26 NOVEMBER 2015. This International Exhibition is the largest and most established construction event in [...]

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Cable Ladder


Request PDF CABLE LADDER  Cable Ladder with its greater strength and rigidity are available in width ranging from 150 mm to 900 mm. A full range of accessories is also available for Cable Trays, Trunking, and Ladders-like bends, Equal tees, Crossovers, Risers, Reducers, etc.   MCM with its ISO 9001:2008 [...]

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Cable Trunking


Request PDF CABLE TRUNKING SYSTEM Cable trunking is available in different finish including epoxy coated, hot dip galvanized & in stainless steel. Robust, heavy duty oval conduit is a tidy, safe and professional way to complete and protect electrical wiring installations.

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Cable Tray


Request PDF CABLE TRAY SYSTEM A cable tray system is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated things forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways". In other words:  Cable trays support cable the way that roadway bridges support traffic. [...]

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CAV System (Constant Air Volume)


CAV Systems With a CAV system, a constant volume of conditioned air is supplied to all parts of the building, when the system is in operation, by providing air to each VAV unit with variable static pressure. The VAV damper modulates in [...]

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