Maxell Electrical Enclosures

Guaranteeing maximum protection

Maxell Electrical Enclosures are designed to house, help securely maintain your panels (keeping it clean, dry and protected) and electrical components, even in the harshest environments (frost, rust, weather). Moreover, they can be customized to suit the requirements of the client.
Maxell Electrical Enclosures:
  • Varied ranges of power distribution enclosures;
  • Types of Enclosures:
    • Wall mounting steel enclosure
    • Steel mounting steel enclosure
    • Extendable Cubicle enclosure
    • Compartmentalized Form IV enclosures
    • Aluminium enclosures
    • Stainless steel enclosures
    • Enclosures for Feeder pillars
    • Enclosures for Row type DB
    • Control desks
  • Form II, Form III and Form IV construction.
  • Adherence to Protection Standards.
  • Adequate Steel Metal thickness with great reliability.