Capacitor banks 

  • Capacitor banks with out harmonic filter
    Used mainly for correction of power factor to save energy and avoid losses generated by inductive and resistive loads. Power factor regulator is installed on the panel front door. The power factor on the regulator is set between 0.95 to 0.99 as a standard which in turn switches the built in relay  and thereby switching on the external controller. The stages of the capacitors are switched on based on the deviation between the actual power factor and the set point  power factor.
  • Capacitor banks with harmonic filter
    The harmonic and resonance present in the capacitor banks are filtered using these defined or tuned harmonic filter / reactor upto 5th harmonic. These harmonic filters are connected in series with the heavy duty capacitors. The non linear loads such as motors, heaters, welding set creates harmonics and hence can cause serious problems to the capacitor banks thereby reducing the life of capacitors