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Maxell link


Maxell Link Maxell link is a set of valves, connectors, and unions (accessories) that are specifically designed to connect the Fan coil unit to the chilled/hot water piping networks. Maxell links: Flexible and compact design solutions (optimum space utilization); Low [...]

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Variable Air Volume – Pressure Independent


Maxell Pressure Independent VAV consists of: flow grid sensors to calculate the pressure differential; a controller actuator combination to control the damper; The VAV unit is connected to the supply air duct where the air volume is controlled according to the temperature required in the room;

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Duct Heaters


Designed and assembled under strict quality control to withstand the severe climatic conditions in the Arabian Gulf area. The assembled capacities range from 0.25 KW to 110 KW. They are custom built to the site requirement. The square or rectangular shaped duct heaters can be manufactured in five basic designs as below: Slip In Type Flanged Heater-Removable Heater Section Flanged Heater-Non Removable Heater Section Split Heater Circular Duct Heater

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