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Cable Management System


MCM (Maxell Cable management System) is ISO 9001:2008 certified. MCM quality manuals follow the International Standards in manufacturing. Products include Cable Trays, Trunkings, Ladders and its accessories. The best designed perforations provided. Extra load capacity, better aeration and better stability. Types: Hot dip Galvanized Pre galvanized Stainless Steel finish Mild steel powder coated to match interior finish Accessories on cornered and radius finish Unique locking facility on trunking with easiness to close and open Raise floor trunking and under floor trunking

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Fire Hose Cabinets


Availability of Diverse range of Fire cabinets and Wall chambers. Covers and protects the fire fighting equipments and accessories. Manufactured in Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized steel in various powder coated finishes incorporating the space required as recommended by the authorities. Special type of Cabinets and chambers with wood finish, MDF finish, Mild steel powder coated.

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