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Control Panels


Control panel is a flat, typically vertical area where control or monitoring instruments are displayed. We at Maxell Industries L.L.C do assemble Control Panels for various applications such as Cement batching using PLCs, Pump control using VFDs, AHU control through VFDs.

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Main Distribution Board (MDB)


The Main Distribution is the system by which electrical energy is transmitted around the building. The mains distribution originates at the mains intake and radiates out throughout the building in a branching or tree like fashion. Features: Manufactured to suit client requirement Varied ranges of power distribution panels. Adherence to Protection Standards. Adequate Steel Metal thickness. Offers great reliability.

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Sub Main Distribution Board (SMDB)


These are distribution boards which although similar construction, are larger than a final circuit distribution boards. The boards are installed half way through the mains distribution system, generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates, and several smaller sub-circuits start. The board may be fitted with HRC fuses, MCB's or MCCB's. It may hence take the form of a large fuse board or and LV panel board.

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Final Distribution Board (FDB)


The distribution board is generally installed locally to where the electrical power is used (point of utilization). It contains protective devices, which protect final circuits such as lighting & power circuits. These devices may be Cartridge fuses, HRC fuses, MCBs or even rewirable fuses! The board is normally fitted with an incomer – this may be a fuseswitch, isolator or MCCB (without certain protection setting).

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