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Duct Heaters


Duct Heater - Rule of Thumb for designers to calculate heater KWs Duct heaters are the part of your HVAC that preheats the air before it is being distributed to the rooms of your property. In most cases, duct heaters are electric. Passing an electric current through resistance (coils) [...]

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Choosing a Duct Heater? We can design it for you..


Choosing the right duct heater requires the careful consideration of many factors. You must consider the medium to be heated, wattage required, duct size, the installation requirements, and the desired electrical controls. Some duct heaters are designed for high-temperature use. They provide clean heat, offer versatility, require little maintenance, [...]

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Speciality- Maxell Fire Hose Cabinets


Why is Maxell Fire Cabinets so special? Custom built design, wide variety of choices on metal and finishes, Wide range of powder coating colours along with State of art equipment and machineries to make the best and perfect design. Leading innovative technologies on locking mechanisms, multiple support brackets for [...]

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